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Lumynox has a team of professionals from around the world. We speak 10 different languages and understand all cultures in the way business is being transacted over the globe.

We take the time to understand and evaluate all our partnerships though extensive case studies to implement new discoveries to present innovations.

Our team has the understanding that in this fragmented market companies need to be more agile and adapt to industry trends.

Global advertisers and agencies are demanding partners that deliver more and this why Lumynox build all the tools necessary to meet our client’s business needs.

With its proprietary technology solution, Lumynox delivers a wide range of video formats for premium publishers and content owners, in addition we allow our brand to reach scale and their KPI’s.

For Brands and Agencies

We allow brands to provide cross device precision targeting on display, video, mobile, native and TV

With various big data tools our company uses, our brands can be sure their marketing dollars are going towards your most valuable viewers.

 In order to Increase transparency in the advertising ecosystem Lumynox is implementing the ads.txt on all our direct sites so we are complaint with the IAB Tech Lab , allowing our brands to be fully confident about the inventory they buy.

Our team can measure the impact of your campaigns with both digital and traditional metrics, including video completion rate, engagement, viewability and more.

We integrate the most advanced real time fraud protection tools and quality ratings across all devices

We help publisher to deliver a compelling interactive experience to their audience. We know how to develop real content and then to monetize it and deliver seamlessly to users.

Lumynox provide dynamic and engaging unique ad formats. Our formats enable brands to fully engage their targeted audiences across video and mobile. Site owners, mobile apps and connected TV apps use our high impact formats in order to generate high CPM’s and yield.

For Publishers


Lumynox has its own proprietary in-house technology. An innovative Self Service/SaaS platform for publishers to seamlessly create their own video player. Combining the complexity of content curation/playlist creation and monetization into a SaaS platform.

Our platform allows publishers to boost their yield and enables them to achieve a higher engaged audiance.

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